Our Motto

We believe in providing impeccable customer service. It’s not just about price; it’s about value. Without value in your method of doing business, you become nothing but a commodity.

About Closeouts With Class

We sell merchandise in case pack quantities to companies in the Off Price Trade industry. We do not sell directly to the public.

CWC Inventories has a long and prestigious history in the Closeout Industry. Frank Ginsberg founded the original business, Frank Ginsberg Enterprises, in 1973. Prior to this Frank operated some of the nations first deep discount retail stores. The 49 store retail operation afforded Frank the opportunity to establish relationships and rapport with brand name manufacturers, relationships that continue to this day. Frank made it possible for manufacturers to rid themselves of problem inventories quietly, without fanfare and affect to their mainstay distribution channels. These inventory problems were sold to an emerging class of retail stores hungry for name brand merchandise, The Closeout Variety store.

  • Frank Ginsberg Enterprises
    (1973 - 1993)
  • Mark & Bruce Ginsberg, Tom Diedrich
    (1975 - 2016)
  • CWC Inventories Inc.
    (1993 - 2016)
  • 1973
  • 1980
  • 1986
  • 1993
  • 2000
  • 2007
  • 2016

By 1980, the business had grown to a respectable size, sons Mark and Bruce and son in law Tom Diedrich joined Frank in the venture. In 1986, Frank Ginsberg Enterprises merged with a very large public company and the business grew even larger. In 1993, the family divested themselves and formed what is now known as CWC Inventories Inc.

Today, the company is a world leader in the Closeout Industry and services more than 2000 sales accounts world wide and has established long term relationships with more than 600 brand name vendor resources. CWC Inventories Inc. is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and operates showrooms and offices in Chicago and Miami. CWC Inventories is proud of its reputation, history and heritage and will never sacrifice integrity for profit. CWC stands for Closeouts With Class, a logo we have earned and live up to in each and every transaction.